About Us

Effective Date: January 1, 2020

Why read this?

Life Insurance is a complex, intangible and (hopefully) rarely utilized product, making it difficult for consumers to understand which option is best. The Life Insurance Guide demystifies the evaluation process by providing a personalized recommendation based on industry expert feedback.

Who we are

The Life Insurance Guide was started by two life insurance marketing experts who came to the conclusion that most consumers have very little idea what makes one life insurance company better than another. Consumers needed a resource to help shed light, and so they started The Life Insurance Guide.

Evaluation Methodology

The Life Insurance Guide has a two-pronged approach for determining which insurance companies are best for a consumer. The first is that not all consumers are alike, particularly in the eyes of insurance companies, but consumers often fall into groups that make one carrier a better fit than another. These differences in preferences and consumer types are extremely important when making a great match between a consumer and an insurance company.

The second unique approach of BestLifeInsuranceCompanies.com is to inform our understanding and recommendations with insurance agent feedback. Some other sites and resources exclusively utilize consumer feedback, which is important when evaluating a carrier’s website usability, for instance. However, consumers are not only frequently confused at the point of purchase about how much coverage to buy, which options are important, which options are the best fit, and more, they also are often not particularly well informed even about their current insurance carrier.

To close the information gap, BestLifeInsuranceCompanies.com leans heavily on feedback from experienced insurance agents. These are the people whose job it is to match consumers with insurance companies. We find insurance agents to be an incredible resource for knowing the ins and outs of a particular insurance company as well as having the collective knowledge of their clients interactions with the various insurance companies.


The Life Insurance Guide offers advertising opportunities to its partners. If you choose to click to one of our advertiser partners, we may receive compensation. However, our advertiser partners do not determine the content on our site and how we collect our data. We are committed to providing consumers the best data and information with which to make their life insurance purchase decision.