By Age

In the life insurance world, age is perhaps the biggest factor besides health that affects your life insurance policy options and life insurance rates. As you get older, you are closer to the end of life. While this is a bit morbid, it is a reality we all must live with. As a result, life.. More

As you get older your needs start to change. When you were in your twenties you probably only needed a limited amount of coverage so that your parents wouldn’t be responsible for covering any outstanding student debt or funeral expenses. As you reach 50, you might have a dependent spouse and children still living at.. More

If you put off buying life insurance in your 20s, don’t waste your energy on regret. While nothing will be as painless on your wallet as purchasing life insurance at 20, most people don’t need it then. If you waited until your 30s to buy life insurance because you didn’t have a reason to before,.. More

There are many reasons why a 40-year-old would need life insurance. In your forties you have just reached a critical threshold, what most doctors would say is the halfway point in your life. On average men live to be 79 years old and women live to be 82 years old, so your early forties are.. More

Life insurance will never be cheaper than it is in your 20s. But many people in their 20s don’t need life insurance. If nobody depends on you financially, or you do not have large amounts of debt, then it may not be the best use of your money. However, if you do have financial dependents.. More

As you age your needs change. Someone who is in their twenties might only require limited burial insurance coverage to make sure their parents don’t have to pay for outstanding school debt and a funeral if they pass away unexpectedly. Someone in their forties with a dependent spouse and three kids still living at home.. More

It’s 2018, and life insurance is not exactly rocket science. But before we veer off, deep into the purpose of this piece, let’s give life insurance a little explanation. Insurance is a risk-spreading mechanism that involves both the insurer and the assured. The insurer is usually a registered and regulated company. Life Insurance is a.. More

Life insurance choices are frankly overwhelming. That’s normal. So the first step is to narrow down your focus. Why are you getting life insurance? Then crunch the numbers. After all, life insurance is about money and math. Save gambling and guesses for the casinos. Finding affordable life insurance for seniors simply comes down to research… More