As a firefighter, you put your life in the line every time you head into a burning building, and yet, in spite of your willingness to risk your life for others, for the job, you are faced with high life insurance rates from companies everywhere. Despite the dangers of their occupation, firefighters can still find.. More

As a professional athlete, life insurance companies look at what sport you play and what factors might lead to additional health concerns. There are certain sports that are significantly more strenuous and there are sports that are more dangerous. Life insurance companies need to know what risk you pose financially and part of that involves.. More

There are many risks that life insurance companies evaluate before they decide to provide a policy or deny coverage. Even then they have to determine what premiums will be charged in the event that a policy is provided. Not all risk factors are related to your health; in fact, your occupation could very well influence.. More

When we think about law enforcement we think of the people that keep us safe. What we tend to forget is how these people keep themselves safe. A career in law enforcement can be dangerous and that is why these individuals need life insurance, so they can be protected too. Also, so their families can.. More

As military personnel, you might not feel the need to go through different life insurance policies and companies while you are on active duty. This is because as a part of the Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard or Marines, you are eligible to receive coverage. This coverage extends to approximately $400,000 under the Service.. More

Buying life insurance is never a fun or easy task. There are multiple factors to consider, and it’s even more complex if you are a pilot because you are part of a high-risk group. If you are a pilot, insurance companies consider you high risk because the chances are greater that you will die at.. More

Life insurance is a valuable financial asset that can help protect your loved ones in the event of your death. But while the objective value of a life insurance policy remains almost universally clear, the industry itself can often be rather complicated. There are many different variables that are relevant during the underwriting process, and.. More