The one downfall to a term life insurance policy is that it is only for a specified period of time. Once the term comes to an end so does the coverage. It can be great to no longer have to pay your monthly premium but if you are still in debt and need coverage this.. More

A Term Insurance Rider is a form of benefit for your insurance policy which supplements the coverage you have in the basic policy, designed for those who have permanent life insurance policies but face changing financial needs later in life. This is a way for you to add term coverage to your basic permanent policy.. More

Life Insurance was created to help families going through a tough time. It is terrible to think about but what would happen to your family if you were to pass away in the next couple of years? How would they be able to stay afloat financially? This is where life insurance coverage can help. Life.. More

Purchasing a life insurance policy can get complicated. There several different policies to choose from that can make it hard to decide. One of the most popular life insurance policies is a term policy. Term Policies cover you for a specified term, usually 10-30 years, compared to their counterpart whole life policies which cover you.. More

Paid up additional riders are a form of additional insurance that you can purchase as part of your permanent life insurance policy. You purchase the riders with your policy dividends. This rider allows you as the policyholder to increase your living benefit in conjunction with your death benefit by increasing the cash value that your.. More

Charitable Giving Riders are a way for you to donate some of your total death benefit from your life insurance policy to a charity of your choice. What Is The Charitable Giving Rider?  Charitable Giving Riders are a newer type of rider available on modern life insurance plans. You can, for example, attach this feature.. More

The Cost of Living Rider is a feature that you can purchase with several different forms of life insurance plans. This benefit is meant to help you with the potential of future inflation. If you purchase the cost of living rider, your policy might increase in value as inflation increases. If you buy a life.. More

If you need coverage for your spouse, and you have a policy or are getting a policy, the Spouse Insurance Rider can potentially save you both money. With most companies, you can add this feature to permanent life insurance policies, all of the permanent policies they offer, and in some cases, you can also add.. More

Recent surveys indicate that upwards of 70% of Americans require long-term care at some point. Right now the cost for such facilities can range between $70,000 a year and $150,000 per year, depending on whether you use a private nursing home or semi-private nursing home. The average length of stay in a long-term care facility.. More