Finding The Best Life Insurance For Firefighters

Written by Jeff Root

As a firefighter, you put your life in the line every time you head into a burning building, and yet, in spite of your willingness to risk your life for others, for the job, you are faced with high life insurance rates from companies everywhere.

Despite the dangers of their occupation, firefighters can still find affordable coverage if they know

  • What life insurance companies look for in firefighter
  • What life insurance options there are for firefighters
  • How much life insurance costs for firefighters
  • Which life insurance companies offer the best coverage for firefighters
  • Where to find quotes from the best life insurance companies for firefighters

How Life Insurance Companies Assess Firefighters

Health Ratings 

life insurance for first respondersLife insurance companies will assess firefighters the same way they assess every other applicant.

Life insurance companies don’t typically rate firefighters any differently than they do people with other hazardous occupations like police officers, truck drivers, pilots or military personnel.

As a firefighter, you need to maintain a higher level of Health compared to most individuals so that you can do your job well. Being in excellent health will bode well for you when you apply for life insurance and can, in fact, give you a very good rating even if you do have a risky job, resulting in lower life insurance rates for firefighters than might be expected.

What Information Life Insurance Companies Check in the Application Process 

Life insurance companies will examine your personal records such as

  • Your driving history (DMV Reports)
  • Your criminal history (Criminal Background Check)
  • Your medical history (Rx Report, MIB)
  • Your credit history (FICO Score)

Because you work in a high-risk occupation you will typically have to pay a flat extra fee which simply means that for every $1,000 of coverage you pay a specified fee for a specified length of time.

What Life Insurance Companies Look for on the Medical Exam 

How Risky Your Job Is 

Not every firefighter performs the same duties. You might be applying for life insurance but your job is primarily a desk job at this point in your career.

Lifestyle Choices

Additionally, they will need to know what activities you do in your spare time. You could be a firefighter during your work hours and then sit at home comfortably with your family playing board games during your off hours. Conversely, during your office hours, you could spend your time enjoying activities like skydiving, rock climbing, or cross-country skiing all three of which might place you in a slightly riskier category.

Health, Family and Medical History

Life insurance companies will also want to know your basic health information such as

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Date of Birth
  • Tobacco Use
  • Health Risks
  • Family Health Risks

For your health information, you will have to submit a written application with the details of the aforementioned, but you will also need a physical exam in almost all cases. Make sure that you provide accurate information especially about your health during your written exam and your interview because inaccurate information will be discovered during the physical exam and if there are discrepancies your application could be flagged. Having discrepancies and higher premiums or being denied coverage.

When you undergo the medical exam it will be completed by a third party medical professional who will confirm the information in your application. They will also take your blood pressure, listen to your heartbeat, take a urine test, and perform a blood test. They will perform a stress test to verify your heart rate and respiration when you exercise. All of these things are designed to uncover any unknown conditions but as a firefighter, it is very unlikely that anything will be discovered which will help you long-term to get better prices.

Application Process 

The application process for most life insurance involves an online application with a few health related questions in order to determine your overall risk to the company.

After these questions are answered, depending on the type of policy you are applying for, you may have to either take a medical exam or speak with someone on the phone for more medical information in order to determine risk.

A life insurance medical exam can lengthen the period of time it takes to secure coverage significantly, but it also allows you to save more money on rates. For people in good health who can wait for a life insurance medical exam, they should take the time to do so.

No medical exam life insurance for firefighters is an option. This type of policy provides life insurance coverage that you do not need a medical exam or answer health questions for. The application process is quick and usually, firefighters can obtain life insurance in less than 24 hours.

How to Get Cheaper Life Insurance

When you submit an application and underwriter will look over the information from your medical history in your medical exam and they will assign you a rating class based on your risk of dying from your occupation, your health, or your lifestyle. The better the rating, the lower your risk and the lower your risk the less you pay in premiums.

There are some companies that do not increase the rates for firefighters and there are others that will simply charge flat additional fees for your risky occupation. The best way to find good insurance ratings is to compare multiple policies from a handful of companies using a third party broker.


Below is a policy chart showing your price average for having a high risk occupation, depending on age and coverage amount, and age. All applicants for these table rates are in excellent health and are average height and weight for men and women.

Age Policy Type $100,000 Male $100,000 Female $500,000 Male $500,000 Female $1,000,000 Male $1,000,000 Female
25 10 Year Term $14 $12 $26 $22 $42 $36
25 20 Year Term $18 $16 $38 $32 $66 $54
25 30 Year Term $24 $22 $62 $48 $104 $84
25 Whole Life $145 $128 $304 $256 $528 $432
30 10 Year Term $14 $12 $26 $24 $40 $36
30 20 Year Term $18 $16 $40 $34 $68 $58
30 30 Year Term $26 $22 $68 $56 $120 $100
30 Whole Life $146 $128 $320 $272 $544 $464
40 10 Year Term $16 $16 $38 $34 $60 $56
40 20 Year Term $22 $20 $62 $54 $118 $94
40 30 Year Term $38 $32 $116 $90 $216 $170
40 Whole Life $172 $160 $456 $432 $928 $752

6 Tips for How to Get the Best Life Insurance

These easy tips can help you save money on life insurance costs as a fireman.

1. Lower Tobacco/Alcohol Use

If you have health issues that you are concerned about such as tobacco use, you can quit smoking or using nicotine products before you apply.

Smokers receive much higher life insurance rates than non-smokers, often times 2-5 times higher. While those with heavy alcohol use pay around 1.5-2.5 times higher rates.

If you can’t quit before applying, but plan to in the future, you should apply anyways. The best life insurance companies for tobacco users are lenient on rates for those who quit, and typically after one year of a tobacco-free lifestyle, they are able to secure much lower rates.

These rates can be as low as just 10-20% higher than non-smokers, and it decreases with every year you stay away from tobacco.

2. Maintain Good Exercise and Diet 

Life insurance companies take your health into effect greatly when determining risk in the underwriting process.

Maintaining a good diet and exercise regiment will ensure that you are in good health and capable of receiving lower life insurance rates for fireman.

3. Have a Good Handle on Any Health Conditions 

There are some pre-existing health conditions such as diabetes or High Blood Pressure that you may be actively living with.

These mild health conditions can affect life insurance rates for firefighters, but not by a significant amount.

The more you are able to show that you have control over your condition, the lower your rates will be. Diet and exercise help manage health conditions as well.

4. Get Life Insurance as Young as You Can

Life insurance only gets more expensive as you get older. While you might not think about it at a young age, if you plan on having a house or children one day, or even student loan debt, you will want life insurance to save your family from taking on that financial burden in the event of your death.

While this sounds morbid, it is something to think about. If you think you will need life insurance later in life, even if it is just 10 years, it could save you thousands to purchase a policy while you are young.

5. Know Which Policy Riders and Add-Ons Are Available to You

Life insurance riders offer additional life insurance coverage to a policy. Some cost money, while others come with certain policies. Each company has their own set of riders, but many have the same core group that they offer.

For the most part, riders can help you secure:

  • Life insurance for children and grandchildren
  • Pay for premiums in the event you are disabled
  • Give you death benefits in advance if you are diagnosed with a terminal or critical illness with little time to live
  • Provide long term care in the event of the need for hospice care
  • Pay for your after death and final expenses with life insurance
  • Establish and execute a trust or estate
  • Get additional term coverage without the need for a medical examination
  • Receive your premium back when your life insurance policy expires
  • Convert your term coverage into permanent life insurance coverage without the need for a medical examination
  • Pay out a multiple of the benefit for accidental death

And much, much more….

6. Work With an Independent Life Insurance Agent 

Finding the Best Life Insurance Companies for Firefighters is easiest when you work with an independent agent. Our agents are able to work with the best providers of life insurance for fireman, comparing dozens of companies and policies for our clients.

Working with an agent can help you get answers to all of your questions and find affordable life rates quickly.

The Best Life Insurance Companies for Firefighters 

Life insurance is full of different types of policies. Term vs. permanent life insurance is a whole topic on its own. These companies we chose offer both types to firefighters at affordable prices, with great policy options and financial ratings.

The important thing when it comes to finding the best life insurance for firefighters is that you follow these tips, and know where to find the best life insurance rates.

Company A.M.Best
Prudential A+
Banner Life A+
Protective Life A+

How to Find the Best Life Insurance for Firefighters 

We always recommend getting quotes online. It is quick and easy. With our tool, you can compare life insurance quotes for firefighters in seconds for free.

After you have browsed around through the various options and seen the rates, you can call an agent to learn more about the life insurance options available to you.

About Best Life Insurance Companies
About Best Life Insurance Companies

We work with individuals across the nation to secure the best life insurance rates.

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